DB Table where the state is stored for Async Jobs

Hi Team,
We use “async before” and “async after” elements for storing the transaction state in DB.
Which table does this details get stored into.

It’s stored in the jobs table.

Are you referring to ACT_RU_JOB table?
If yes, I see that an entry to this table occurs only in timer jobs or asynchronous jobs. (Correct me if I am wrong).
If so, as per Transactions in Processes | docs.camunda.org, where do these committed transactions get placed in DB if we enable “Async Before/After” checkbox so that the Process Engine rolls back to its previous state when a crash occurs.

So this table ( ACT_RU_JOB ) contains jobs that will be picked up by the engine itself and run by he engine’s job executor.
So timers and transaction boundaries are both examples of jobs that would be stored here. It’s also where jobs will be stored if you use the Async before or after.