DEADLINE_EXCEEDED when deploying bpmn files by spring boot application

I am trying to deploy bpmn files using spring boot application, I have my all bpmn files inside resources/models folder in spring boot application. I am able to deploy it while running locally as well as running local docker container. But when i deploy it on my AWS eks cluster I am getting below error.

Caused by: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: DEADLINE_EXCEEDED: deadline exceeded after 7.495694245s. [closed=[], open=[[buffered_nanos=7902077611, waiting_for_connection]]]

I tried below options, but it has not worked:

1)@Deployment(resources = “classpath*:/models/.”)
2)@Deployment(resources = “classpath:/models/.”)
2)@Deployment(resources = “classpath*:models/.”)
4)@Deployment(resources = “classpath:/models/test.bpmn”)
5)DeploymentEvent deploymentEvent =

But I am always getting same error. I am not getting any error while running locally or on local docker.It is deploying successfully. Only i am getting this error on my eks cluster. I have cross checked folder structure is same on eks and local docker.


Hello @sourabh_jain ,

this looks like the connection could not be established. Please check your connection configuration, especially whether your are using plaintext or TLS.

This is a common pitfall.


hi @jonathan.lukas we tried to ping gateway address of zeebe server, we are able to ping from k8s pod. Also, if it could be connection issue i have faced same in my local IntelliJ or local docker as well.

It looks like it is not finding bpmn files mentioned

Hello @sourabh_jain ,

could it be a network issue then?
If it works in the local docker, the image should be the same…

Did you try to ping the zeebe gateway from the pod your zeebe client runs inside or from somewhere else?