Decision Table blank(-) aka don't care value in cell

Is it possible to have a value say “All” instead of leaving it blank or -(aka don’t care) in decision table. Reason I ask this is I have decision table meant to be read by business users. A column named state has predefined values(50 count) for US states. There are certain default rules which applies to all states & a blank cell or hyphen(-) isn’t very intuitive for end users to understand that this rule applies to all states. Instead the proposition was to have something like “All” or “ALL US STATES” which would internally translate to all the 50 states. would something like this be achievable in a decision table?

I don’t think it’s possible to do it like that. There is a “description” tag that you can set to that, but the change is visible only in the modeler.
Would it not be possible to write “All” or “ALL US STATES” in the annotations? This can be viewed within the interface by business users.


The same question was asked here: Processing of nulls in dmn tables - #13 by satish8784

One of the techniques i use is teach users to interpret a dash as ‘dont care’… Thus reading a rule aloud from left to right you get phrases such as;

When col1 is true and col2 is dont care, then result is…

So effectively your all states is implemented as dont care which state…




Hi @Webcyberrob - what you said is precisely how we intend to convey to the possible authors of the decision table. Since the authors are non technical(which I understand is a risk) product owners have conveyed their risks of oversight by users possibly causing incorrect rule to be executed. Since the decision table we are working on drives prices & directly affects revenue we wanted to leave none to very little scope of errors. Nonetheless we will try to incorporate what @Cody_Newman suggested to have a cell description which could work like a tooltip, till a more feasible solution works out.