Declarative camunda delegate by camunda-delegator-lib with Camunda 7

Hi, Tinkoff has published an opensource library that allows you to write delegates in a declarative style.

This is very convenient because input/output variables are fixed at the method level and the code looks cleaner.

Currentlry supported camunda 7.


class ProductGeneratorDelegate {

    @SingleResultVariable(name = "product")
    fun generateProduct(
        @Variable(name = "product") product: String
    ): Product {
        return Product(product)

The library does not break compatibility with JavaDelegate. There is also automatic template generation for camunda modeler for declarative delegate.

I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. There is also an article in the corporate blog about optimizing the camunda history(language Russian)


Hi @bespaltovyj and welcome to the forums!

This is great, thank you for sharing! Would you be interested in transferring this repo into the Camunda Community Hub?

@miamoore Thank you, not just now.