Decoupling Camunda UI and Service

Hi all, I’d like to see if there’s a possibility to decouple Camunda UI and Services.

By Services I mean - BPMN and related delegate services/application to be separate from what we see on UI/Tasklist after logging in - right now this entire thing is tightly coupled - and such is the Camunda project setup and configuration too.

Is there any guideline available that we can follow also I’d like to know a guideline on UI customization ??
Thank you


The Camunda architecture is based on a core engine which exposes APIs which bundled client applications such as Cockpit and Tasklist use. Hence its possible to run the camunda engine headless and use your own UI.

Have a look at the REST API documents to see what APIs are available. Also have a look at the Camunda consulting and example code repositories where there are examples of custom UIs…



Hi @hello.aliasad,

here is a blog post that shows how to use the Camunda Rest API with three different frontend frameworks:

Hope this helps, Ingo

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