Deep Links in Camunda?

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is it possible to start a process via an url that also directly leads to the task?
So for example when I have the following url:

That this will lead me to the now started process in my tasklist with the variables taskattribute1 and taskattribute2 being set.

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Has been discussed by a few others:

They may of come up with a plugin.

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@Alexander_S whats your use case? Cannot just use a Start Event Form?

@StephenOTT I am using Camunda to manage Risks that will be attached to processes maintained in another Modelling Tool. When a User wants to change the Risk Object he sees in his process model, it should open a link to my “edit-risk” process in Camunda and show him a form with the attributes of the task that was send via the url.

Could you accomplish this with a Start Event Form and pre-populate the fields as required? This way you would not have to Start the Process AND take the user to the first Task. They can do the work in the Start Form and only start the process if they submit the form successful.

Edit: if you wanted to use the Tasklist app for this, you will still have to build or find a plugin that supports starting a process / taking you to the start form using a URL.

Could also just build the Form in your other Modelling Tool (How are users clicking the link?), you could use the Camunda API directly and call the Start Process Instance API call.

Just some thoughts

The users are looking at a BPMN Modell(for example) and see its different activities and risks that might be attached to them. This Modeller should not be extended, it shall just link to the camunda task when someone clicks on the risk modell.

Your solution regarding the plugin to be able to link to a start event form seems to the best I can go with for now, thanks.

They give you an overview of some of the general logic this plugin would have: Is there a URL to start a particular Process?

If you build it, I know the community would appreciate you sharing! :slight_smile: