Default Flow in combination with Splitting-Inclusive-Gateway?

[Camunda 7]

Hello fellow Modeler’s - it may be a dumb question, but here I am.

So i wanted to ask if it its reasonable to model a “Default-Flow” going out of a “Splitting-Inclusive-Gateway” like showcased here.

And if so - if the token follows the “Default-Flow”, does it block the other possible paths and their combinations or are they still possible? As an example, here is what the logic should say:

If no decision regarding seasoning is made - follow the default flow aka. “no seasoning”. Otherwise, follow B, C, D or any combination of them.

Is this possible, or can there be a situation where it follows the default-flow aswell as one or more of the other options. Cuz in this case the “merging-inclusive-Gateway” which is smart as we know, will deadlock due to the token going the “Default-Flow” - Path which is skipping the merge.

Ty 4 your time & support in advance guys :slight_smile:

Hi @Andey
You’ll be delighted to learn that indeed the default flow works as you expect.
Only after all other flows are checked and each returns false will the token go through the default.

Hey @Niall ,

ty very much for your response regarding that matter and the clearification u provided - sadly can’t do more to show my appreciation than to say thanks :pray:. So, thank you & have a nice week :slight_smile:

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