Default serialization format of Joda DateTime

Does the engine serialize Joda DateTime process variables into the ISO 8601 format when the default serialization of the bpmn-platform.xml is set to
<property name="defaultSerializationFormat">application/json</property>
and the user has not defined a custom Spin data format configuration for the class DateTime?

If the engine would use the toString() method the format would be as follows:

Hi @Mathias_S,

Spin JSON serialization uses Jackson to serialize values. That means, Spin serializes a JodaTime object like Jackson would. Afaik, Jackson does not persist a JodaTime value in a human-readable manner out of the box. But if you are in doubt about such things, just try them out. The unit testing template gets you started in no time.

There is a Jackson module for Joda Time serialization that might be useful. See our Spin examples for how to configure Jackson as used by Spin.