Define JavaDelegates globally

we are using Wildfly and camunda 7.10 and I have (again :slight_smile: ) a question concerning JavaDelegates.

Is it possible to deploy JavaDelegates globally, so all other process applications can access them without any context switch?
I wonder, if its possible by declaring and accessing the JavaDelegates as EJB.

Atm I only get two approaches working:

  1. Unmanaged EAR: If I deploy the delegates as ear/lib and other process applications as war file inside this ear.
  2. Creating a module and add it to wildfly by editing the config files (standalone.cfg + .xml).

Some background info (might help to get the reason why I ask this question)
We want to be able to deploy JavaDelegates so any other PA can use it. Also a new created and deployed BPM should be able to access this delegate. Cause we are not able to do a manual context switch every time someone uses one of the delegates within his/her deployed BPM we had to find a global approach here.

Approach 1 is working for almost all of our use cases. We only have issues when our process start with a outbound timer event. After this event our JavaDelegates cannot be found anymore in the next tasks.
Approach 2 does not work for us, cause its to complicated to add delegates β€œon the fly”.

Best Regards