Defining the values in the XOR Gateway

Hello, I have a question about Forms. You can select categories in Forms, right? I have an issue when there are two options to choose from. How do I set this up in an XOR gateway? Normally, you would use key-value pairs, but when you have multiple values in categories, I wanted to ask how to set that up.

They’re still key value pairs, but the key will link to an array like this

{"itemls" : ["item1","item2", "..."]

For example, one can choose two things: a car or a bicycle. How would I define the nodes so that the user who selects the car goes to the corresponding car-related task?

Can you show me the model to help me understand what you mean.

In the first task, we have a field where a user can choose between “car” or “bike.” In the form, it would be a select field with two options.

Since it’s an XOR gateway it could only ever go one way or the other.
If you use an inclusive gateway you could check if the list contains a bike on one side and a car in the other.
You do this with FEEL easily enough.

I didn’t realize that the select variable in the forms is a list. Initially, I thought I could set the field variable equal to the value variable, but that seems to be incorrect. How can I solve this?

A question, what would be the right solution in this case? Unfortunately, I’m stuck and don’t know how to proceed."

Hello, a question: I’ve set it up so that you can’t write something like ‘field_value = “value1_abc”’ in the XOR gateway because it’s seen as an error. How can I fix this issue?

Whats the error exactly?

When I am in the playmode I get this error EXTRACT_VALUE_ERROR failed to evaluate expression ‘value_abc’: no variable found for name ‘value_abc’

how exactly do you create the variable that the XOR gateway is testing?
Can you upload your model.

Hello, I have now set it up so that you can decide in Task A whether to go to Task B or C, but I don’t know how to write the conditions on the edges.
xor.bpmn (6.8 KB)

Your variable is called field_task and it has two potential values value1 or value2

In the docs you can see how it’s explained how to check if variables match specific values

I see. The solution would be field_task.value1 and field_task.value2. Am I correct?

I have read the documentation, but the problem is that it didn’t work with field_Task.value1. I then tried to solve it using the get value function, but neither get value(field_Task, value1) nor get value(field_Task, "value1") worked. Did I do something wrong?

Have you tried field_task = "value1"

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It works thank you so much.

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