Delegate Class Instance called from different Processes

What happens when different service tasks call the same Java Delegate Class, does it mean all the three tasks would use the same class instance? I have three service tasks each calling a separate Process via message start task, now in the new process, I have a service task. which calls a delegate and performs some function. Now would there be any chance that delegate class called in the different process will be sharing the same class instance, or will it create a new Class Instance for every Process?

Why is this important? IMO the important question is whether the delegate is thread safe. If it’s not you’ll have problems regardless whether the same instance is called from the same process or from two different process models. Delegates should be thread safe. I’m not sure but I think a process application creates only one instance of a delegate.

I get your point @fml2, please refer to this post, as per my understanding, and what Philip is trying to say is, each service task creates a new instance of the class when the execution arrives at the service task. However, if the delegates are not thread-safe, I am into trouble, Am i right?


Upd. I must correct myself. The docs states that a new instance is created for each an every execution of a service task. I assume this applies only to the case where you specify a java class as the implementation. But I’d never do this as was discussed recently in another thread.