Delegation/execution/task listeners - Java vs scripting

It seems that scripts can achieve most of the things which I can achieve by writing Java code for delegates or execution/task listeners. Scripts also have access to process variables as well as process engine API. They also seem to be easier to deploy, can be shared globally and there is no complex project management through maven is required.

Where is the catch? Is there something that I cannot achieve through scripting and must write Java code for?

Good IDE with refactoring etc. capabilities? Compile time checks? Why is there Java at all???

I think I found the answer myself. It’s not about Java vs JavaScript wars and type safety. There are good IDEs for JavaScript as well. This is more a question from functionality perspective. Moreover, the question was only pertinent to simple process applications which do not involve Java EE or Spring. For these, one must set up a maven project anyway and use Java.

Regardless, I found at least following points which are worth the efforts of setting a full fledged maven project.

  • Process scenario testing
  • Server side logging (container as well as delegate level)
  • Integration with external components like JakartaMail