Delete a deployment and preserving the history


In rest API I see that for Deployment Deletion the cascade option is available, but it’s not fine-grained on what I want to delete.

I want to delete everything but the historical events (the terminated instances).

Is this possible? I need this to have some useful statistics of events in the past (where the bpm version could be really old).
Deleting deployment is a must to keep things clean and not flood camunda with lots of versions of the same thing, furthermore it forces old running processes to die anyway.

Hi @Mizar01.

If you log in Cockpit and have access rights on seeing the deployments of your processes, you can select to delete and a dialog box is opened. The first option (checkbox) of this Dialog Box is Cascade and I think that it’s unselected by default. If you hover your mouse over this option you can see all the resources you can delete by deleting the desired deployment.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @steftriant, but this does not solve the problem.
Handing hover cannot let me select what resources can be deleted. It only shows them. When cascade is selected, everything, included history, is deleted. There is no way to avoid history deletion. Furthermore I think Cokpit is using camunda-rest-api so it’s probably limited to the same features and options.

What I want is to delete everything except for the historic instances.

Hi @Mizar01.

Yes, you may have a right. But, I don’t remember exactly if you can avoid deleting historic instances by having unchecked the cascade flag checkbox when you delete the deployment in Cockpit. I don’t know anything other here :neutral_face:


If you unselect the cascade flag the History is not deleted, but, unfortunately, along with the current process instances. So it’s not really useful. I think avoiding cascade will prevent only future processes to start with the deleted versions,but the current running processes are kept.
It could be useful to have such a feature added (as an API option.)