Delete edge in modeled BPMN workflow

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I would like to insert a BPMN workflow with an event into another workflow. For this purpose, I have already implemented a Java program. My problem is now that when the two workflows should be merged by using a gateway, the native connection of the task to the end event is not resolved (see attachment). I have already searched for a method that deletes an edge between two components but have not found a proper solution. Can someone please help me and know how to delete an edge from a given workflow? Thank you in advance.

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Can you explain how you’re expecting B1 to be executed?

Thanks for your reply. In our case, B1 should be executed if a certain event is received from a complex event processing engine and thus triggering the compensation event. It is only an exemplary workflow without a special meaning. The problem with the edge (marked) is our main issue and this issue exists in other workflows of this type as well.

We have fixed the problem in the meantime. We used the wrong event type. Instead of a Compensation Event, where only a single task may follow for compensation, we need the functionality of an Error Boundary Event. Then everything works without problems.

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