DELETE throws bad request in REST

I just started with Camunda. Using the rest-api I was able to start a simple process.
With /process-instance I got the id, which is the same as mentioned in the cockpit.
But when I fire a DELETE request in Postman to delete the instance of the process
using the url


the servers returns a HTTP -400 : Bad request.

I sent the request with an empty body and a Content-Type of application/json

Someone an idea what I am missing here?

Can you give some details about how you’re making the rest call.

Process instance lives while process is working. If process ends, record auto deletes by engine, and can be found in history db.

@Edwin_van_Meerendonk Don’t send empty request, in postman for Body section set it to none and try. Sending empty array for delete request might throw an Bad request exception.

I did set the body in postman to none. Still 400

Looks like something POSTMAN does. When I used a curl DELETE command i got a 204 and the running process was deleted.