Deleted/Canceled instances list


We have a scenario here where we want to list all deleted/canceled process instances. We were unable to find in the Rest API (History and Process Instances APIs) a way to retrieve only those deleted/canceled instances. Apparently the finished query param returns both finished and and deleted/canceled but we need only the canceled.

Is there a way to query for those? We want to avoid to query the finished instances and then filter them for the deleted ones.


Hi @alexandremjacques,

currently, it’s not possible to filter for canceled historic process instances. However, the required information is available and you get it from the response (deleteReason / state).

Do you want to create a feature request to expose these fields for the query?

Best regards,

Hi @Philipp_Ossler,

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I would like to create a feature request. I was actually surprised that nobody ever needed this feature. :smiley:

How can I open this feature request? Is this something I do myself or you open it in Jira?

Again, thanks for you help.


Hi @alexandremjacques,

you can just create a new issue in Jira.

Do you also want to implement this feature?
This would include the Java API + Rest API + test cases (mainly extend the existing stuff). I know it’s a bit work but otherwise, it may take a while until it’s implemented. Would be great :wink:

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Sure, I’ll take a look at that.