Deleting Case Sentry part and case instance variables for "complete" or "terminated" case instances


We are using CMMN to drive our process. We see, even after the case instance is “completed” or “terminated” the ACT_RU_CASE_SENTRY_PART and ACT_RU_VARIABLE tables have those variables and sentry details of closed cases. Business-wise these are not longer required since the case instance is “completed”.

Is it safe to delete these entries from the RU tables, specially the ACT_RU_VARIABLE table?
We are exploring to delete these entries using native queries. Is this idea ok?

Thanks a lot for your time.

Hi Subhro,

I recommend you to “close” the case instances instead of deleting them from the database. This can be done by CaseService#closeCaseInstance().


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Hello Roman,

Thanks a lot for pointing this. Its working as expected.


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