Deleting zeebe broker volumes gets stuck indefinitely

I am trying to delete the persistent volumes created when installing the helm chart for zeebe. It doesn’t get deleted when uninstalling the helm chart.

The command to delete kubectl delete pvc --all keeps running endlessly (> 24 hrs now). Before executing the delete command I had the benchmarking tool running for more than 6 hours so possible there must be a lot of data but 24 hours should be enough I guess.
Zeebe brokers were configured with pvcSize of 128Gi. The output of kubectl get pvc command is shared below. I also verified that there are no resources attached with the volume through kubectl get volumeattachment command.

Could someone guide me on what could be done to get the volumes deleted?


Hi @jgeek1,

Have you found a solution?
I never encountered this problem, so I don’t know how to solve it.
But, have you tried --force and --grace-period=0 options?

Might be that there still some pods running which use the PVC. Make sure to delete them first.