Demo Data not showing in Optimize


I used GitHub - camunda-consulting/camunda-util-demo-data-generator to generate demo data for a showcase of my process.
The generated data show in the history of Camunda Cockpit. Same for the Heatmap.
However, the data does not make it´s way into Camunda Optimize. Process instances that are started and executed “regularly” via REST and Camunda Tasklist are shown in Optimize, but the generated process instances are not.

What am i missing?
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Hi @BenF

this is most probably due to the way the data is being generated using the camunda-util-demo-data-generator. I believe that the generator “jumps” back and forth in the “history” of time and this is confusing for the Optimize import.
If you are interested in generating process instances for demo purposes you might want to look into


Edit: An alternative might be to try out what happens if you start a fresh Optimize after the data already has been generated.

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Thank you, @felix-mueller

i figured as much, but thought there was maybe a way to synchronize optimize or to configure the way it handles polling.
Starting a completely fresh optimize did the trick for now. It´s obviously pretty clunky though. Still, thank you very much. I´m gonna look into the simulator, as suggested.

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