DemoDataGenerator for Camunda Cockpit at startup

Hi all,
I have a DemoDataGenerator that creates demo data and users when I start my process as a first service task. This worked perfectly. My problem is now that I need the demo data to be generated at startup.
Is there a method that I can implement to load the demo data before anything else happens?
I have true to have an empty camunda Cockpit system everytime we start our demo environment again.


Hi @Armin1231,

The answer depends on what you mean by “before anything else happens”. In the distributions you can download from, we include a process application that creates users and process instances in a method annotated with @PostDeploy. Find the code here:


Hi @thorben,
I used the pizza order example and also the exact pom there. So I did not have my own ProcessApplication class. Adding a ProcessApplication class results in the error A deployment must only provide a single @ProcessApplication class. message on the server.
Googling I found remove dependency for


as mentioned by Daniel Meyer.
Rebuild and redeployed, but still the same error??

Hi @Armin1231,

Could you please share the application on github?


Hi @thorben,

Soryy, I am not allowed to do so. :slight_smile:

After some investigation, I think the problem is that I am following the example configuration of the pizza order example which is as follows:

persistence.xml (661 Bytes)

processes.xml (433 Bytes)

Then I adapted the processes.xml to:
processes.xml (607 Bytes)

Which results in a
Caused by: org.camunda.bpm.engine.ProcessEngineException: Process engine configuration is invalid:
property ‘datasource’ cannot be null

Remembered my initial question? All I wanted is to call my own ProcessEngine to get my DemodataGenerator invoked via PostDeploy. :grin:

Thank you

I think, I found what was wrong.
I added a name to the @ProcessApplication(“name”). After removing the (“name”) from the annotation it seems to work with the default entry in the process-engine.
Additionally I removed org.camunda.bpm.javaeecamunda-ejb-client from my pom.xml. Don’t know if this is really necessary. Looking at the docs about processes.xml, it is not easy to avoid that you mix sth.