Dependency scope of camunda-engine-spring

Hi everyone,

what is the recommended approach to include the camunda-engine-spring dependency in process applications?
As part of the compile scope or to provide it once (as a jboss module) and set the scope to provided? Are there any special impacts on the decision? (since it is part of the public API, backward compatibility is guaranteed, i.e. when updating the module “old” process applications should still work)


Hi @Sebastian,

if you are using shared engine, I would go with provided scope. As this scenario implies that multiple applications share dependencies, which you deploy once in your application server.
On contrary if you are using embedded engine, then compile scope would make more sense.

Those are more general maven concepts, rather then engine specific ones, you can read more about maven scopes here

Does that help?

Thanks for your answer! I am familiar with the general maven concepts, but wanted to make sure whether there are any special things to consider with the shared engine approach of camunda. But then I will go with the provided scope. Thanks!