Deploy a process, not display in Operate

Hi All,

I’m a newbie for Camunda. I created a process and try to deploy, without error. but I didn’t see it on Operate. I used the steps like this tutorial
the attachement is my output without “processKey”: 1

I’m using:
Operate 1.1.3
ElasticSearch 7.10.1

please tell me know how to investigate or fix it

Thank you for any response

zeebe operate version 1.x.x works with the same version of broker 1.x.x
There is breaking change in formats of zeebe record log from version 0.2x to 1.0.0

I have already changed zeebe-broker to 1.1.3, and I got a different output(please see the attachment), but It doesn’t display in Running Instance of Operate

after a few minutes, zeebe-broker started, I got below error:

I resolved above issue by using administrator user for all terminal

A couple of points:

  1. As mentioned, you have to use the same major version of components together.
  2. If things are working in Zeebe, but do not show up in Operate, a likely cause is the ElasticSearch export - as Operate reads exported events from ElasticSearch. Check the log for messages related to ElasticSearch.
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