Deploy/Call another BPMN

Can we trigger/deploy another BPMN at a specific condtion without call activity but from code

Sure, you can use a message send event which can trigger a message catch start event.

Hey Nail,
Will this be able to trigger/Call another BPMN with same process instance id

No, it would be a new instance with a new process instance id. But if you want to link them by a key use a business key. Both can share that key.

So it will Trigger/Deploy a totally new BPMN and that BPMN will have a new process instance id… right?
Can we use process modification to have same process instance id?

Specifically start a new instance of a deployed process.

Can you explain what exactly you intend to do with this?

I want the BPMN to be dependent on the process and the process should be the intermediate between two BPMNs