Deploy from Desktop Modler to Docker setup

I am not able to deploy a process from Desktop modeler to Docker setup. I have a docker setup on a linux box and have exposed 26500 port by reverse proxy. The proxy url is like I am getting this error in the Modeler log

Error: 14 UNAVAILABLE: No connection established. Last error: 33638144:error:10000103:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:INVALID_ALPN_PROTOCOL:…..\third_party\boringssl\src\ssl\

Here is the snapshot of the modeler

Has someone faced this issue or can help me with a solution for this?

Hi @priyaprabhu - usually INVALID_ALPN_PROTOCOL errors are due to the gRPC API requiring HTTP/2, but your ingress/proxy/firewall/etc isn’t configured to allow HTTP/2 traffic.

Hi Nathan. Thanks for the direction. Will check on the traffic configuration and update

Hi Nathan. Firewall changes were not working. We exposed the port directly.though it shows error in the modeler, the model was deployed in the background

I’m not a network engineer, so I’m not entirely certain. HTTP/2 uses ALPN to negotiate the connection, and the gRPC gateway requires HTTP/2. If you search the forums there are a few reports of ALPN negotiation errors (example) and all were network related issues. Because it’s HTTP/2, just exposing the port may not be enough, but it is strange that you’re seeing the deployed process.

We couldn’t debug or fix this So we moved the Modler to a system in the subdomain of the network where Camunda is setup.

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