Deploy Optimize on wildfly server

I have a wildfly server and I deployed some .war projects on this server. I would like to run optimize within this wildfly.

I tried to create a .WAR from the fat Jar of optimize but I couldn’t.

Is there a way to deploy optimize as Jar on my wildfly server or Is there a way to convert optimize Jar to War to be deployed with my wildfly?

I’m pretty sure that optimize doesn’t support running on Wildfly.
Maybe an optimize expert can confirm this? @Helene

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Yes @Niall is right, we do not support wildfly as far as I know.

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Thanks @Niall and @Helene. But what if I created a maven project that only runs this JAR and extracts a WAR from this project and deployed it on my wildfly. Does this work?

There’s no guarantee and since that type of deployment has never been tested by the team it’s likely to result in unexpected behavior