Deploy Standalone Camunda7 in Azure

How can I run a Camunda 7 standalone application Enterprise Edition in Azure Cloud?

I do have the Camunda Run application running locally (7.18.0) but could not find a proper docker file that can help in deploying this.
Is there any resources for that ?

I have a use case to go with a Blue-Green Deployment strategy for this Camunda7 application.
This can be slightly tricky since both my blue and green deployments will be connected to the same database.
Is there any suggestions on how to handle this deployment strategy for Camunda?

Please advice.

Hey hey @Saju_John_Sebastian1,
have your seen this blogpost by any chance?

It was written by one of the Camunda Consultants a while ago. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Hafflgav .
I have now got a fair understanding on how to deploy Camunda7 (standalone) as a container instance.

I do have a related doubt on how can I configure options (which we normally use to control the application settings) while adding the docker instance.
I did notice " _SPRING_APPLICATIONJSON" as an Environment variable. IF there are multiple settings I need to configure, do I need to add they as Key - Value ?

Hello @Saju_John_Sebastian1 ,

there are several possibilities:

This is the configuration docs from Spring Boot about Externalized Configuration.

I hope this helps