Deploy Zeebe Cluster and Operate using docker-compose on Docker

OS:CentOS Docker

I have read This yaml file can only deploy a single Zeebe node. I want to be able to deploy 3 nodes Zeebe Cluster and Operate.what should I do?

Recently, we plan to conduct stress tests on Zeebe Broker and JobWorkers. Do you know if you have a good idea?

That sounds like a good idea for sure… but Docker Compose might not be the optimal setup as you will be restricted by your docker deamon CPU and memory allowances… have you taken those in consideration?

Also this docker compose create a 3 nodes cluster:

hi, @salaboy.
If I use helm to deploy my Zeebe Cluster and monitor Operate, then I refer to
Is it necessary for me to execute the above diagram in order(marked red number 1,2,3)?
Or only execute zeebe-full(3)?

@walt-liuzw Zeebe full includes operate and the Zeebe Cluster… so just full.

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hi. @salaboy

is it correct of topology chart

The configuration file provided by Zeebe is the same as the topology diagram after deployment. Only one of the three brokers contains the leader.

In such a topology, will the gateway only access one of the brokers? Then there is no difference with single broker.

Right up to the moment where one broker fails. Then there is a difference.

Replicas are about fault tolerance.

Atm the released version of Zeebe doesn’t have a great algorithm for distributing leadership of partitions.

It can all land on one broker, as you can see.

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3 brokers with 6 partitions doesn’t really make sense. Partitions are about the opportunity for distributing load.

With 3 brokers you only have the opportunity to distribute load to 3 brokers, so three partitions would be the max that would result in any load distribution.

I guess having six partitions could make the load distribution scenarios have different potential percentages than 33, 66, and 100%.

But practically, I don’t think there is a point to that config.

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@walt-liuzw there is some work being done for better re-distribution, but that doesn’t mean that the system will not scale…

@jwulf wow, that’s great

how to deal with the number of Brokers and Partitions is my problem.
These introductions are a bit simple

Hi all,
how can I run Operate with both Cluster and Gateway?

@user0409 are you using docker compose? or what is your setup ? What is missing in your setup… can you please open a new question instead of adding to an existing one?

Thanks for the support @salaboy
I’m starting the below containers using docker-compose

  • Zeebe 0.23.1
  • Operate 0.23.0
  • Simple Monitor 0.18.0

My goal is setup a cluster behind a Gateway using Operate and Simple monitor
How can I achieve it?

@user0409 ok but is currently failing?

Thanks for replying @salaboy
I’ve tried to both run separated docker-compose (standalone-gateway and operate-simple-monitor) and create a merged version probably I’m wrong

Could you share me way to run all togheter please?