Deploying BPMN with same version

  1. When we deploy BPMN file, in operate we see a version increment (v1 → v2). But if I intentionally change the bpmn file and want to keep the version same to v1. Is it possible?

  2. Let’s say, I deployed two versions of a BPMN file (V1 and V2). Is it possible to trigger both the flows V1 and V2? (By default, the higher version is executed)

Hi @sayan_b19
You can do it programmatically, more details here Zeebe API RPCs | Camunda 8 Docs

Could you please explain a business case for this approach? How would you distinguish process versions for already running and new processes?

I was considering just a hypothetical scenario. Suppose I deployed version v1 which has some small issue and instead of deploying a new version v2, I want to update version v1 to the new deployment.

What benefits are you expecting in this hypothetical scenario to achieve by not incrementing the version?