Deploying Camunda REST service and Engine in external webapp

I have an external and not Camunda related Spring webapp, which is deployed in localhost/myProject directory on Tomcat server. Is it possible to deploy Camunda REST service and Engine in external webapp (using camunda-bpm-examples/deployment/embedded-spring-rest/ example from official Camunda repository) and make them visible from localhost/myProject/engine/ etc. path and make them share the same context with the first webapp (myProject)?
Or am I trying to achieve something odd and nonsensical?

The primary webapp is probably too complicated to change from Spring to Spring boot, but maybe it will simplify the whole process?

Hi @ZSerg,

you can embed the engine in your application. But I am not sure that this is the best option, why do you want to do it? it’s for sure cleaner to have them separately.


Okay, I have achieved my goal by adding Camunda Engine and REST service to another, external project.
Mainly it required adding the Camunda Engine and REST service with related classed to the external project’s web.xml and applicationContext.xml files.

Hi I am also trying same.
Trying to expose Camunda REST api from my web application.
Can you please help me.

Hi @riteshp09,

have a look at these docs:

Hope ist helps, Ingo

is it good approach?