Deploying forms to Camunda Cloud

Niall: If I have BPMN model and some forms locally that i want to deploy to Camunda Cloud, what’s the best approach.
Originally i was going to upload them via the desktop modeler, but i’m not able to send along the forms. any suggestions on how to deploy both?

zell: Afaik forms are not accepted by Zeebe. Maybe @saig0 or @korthout has an idea

saig0: Currently, forms are embedded in the BPMN process itself. You can’t deploy them separately.

saig0: The Camunda modeler is not connected to the Cloud modeler yet. So, you can’t deploy your local BPMN and forms into your Camunda Cloud cluster.

Niall: So right now, there’s no way to deploy a Camunda Cloud process with forms without building it in the cloud modeler?

zell: I think the way is to copy the forms into the model

saig0: In the Camunda modeler, you copy the form into the BPMN yourself. From the Camunda modeler, you can deploy to a specific cluster.

Niall: Ok! cool - i can do that :slightly_smiling_face:

saig0: The Cloud modeler stores the BPMNs and forms globally for your organization and its own repository. In the Cloud modeler, you can select the form of a user task. Under the hood, it also copies the form into the BPMN. At the end, you can deploy the same BPMN to a specific cluster.

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