Deployment Problem: Could not parse BPMN process


We have a problem with our system (7.16.1-ee) (see gitlab: pom.xml).

When deploying via the cockpit of the BPMN diagram (see gitlab: benjerrymail.bpmn) the system throws the following exception (see gitlab: Exception.png).
The implementation runs via a connector.
To fix the problem we have already tried the following way (Http Connector - #8 by jonathan.lukas), unfortunately without success.
Do you need any additional information?

Please give support.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @SebastianWedell ,

thank you for this insightful post. I have investigated your pom.xml and found out, that the dependency


was added under project.dependencyManagement.dependencies. It will not be used as dependency inside the project. By moving this dependency directly under project.dependencies in your pom.xml, it will also be used and should enable the usage of connectors. One more hint: Also


is under project.dependencyManagement.dependencies. Also here, move it to project.dependencies to use it.

I hope this helps



Thanks for your fast reply! =)

I have adjusted the file, but the excepton still occurs (see gitlab : pom.xml)

Hello @SebastianWedell ,

I looked at your BPMN file. The correct name of the conntector is mail-send, you called send-mail. By adjusting this, you can make this work.

Please come back if there is more.


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This issue occurs because if the path name for the decision box is not defined. ​By​ default, when execution comes to a decision box