Deployment to Apache Tomcat

Hi this is Sai.
Just started using Camunda BPM.
I was going through step by step of the “Get Started Guide”.
I have an issue while deploying the app to tomcat server.
After copy pasting the .war file to $CAMUNDA_HOME/server/apache-tomcat/webapps folder

I can see this log but cannot see it in my process in the CockPit.
Please help.
Thanks a lot.

It says that your Model hasn’t been marked as executable.
Luckily enough, you can fix it pretty easily by ticking the executable box:

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Thanks Niall!
That works.
Got another problem.
Can you please help?

Sure - it’s actually exactly as it says in the log “outgoing sequence flow without condition”. You’ve got a sequence flow in your model that has no condition defined. So the engine has no idea how to move forward with it.

You need to select a condition type and then use an expression or script to decide how the process proceeds.

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I dont see any “Details” section in my properties panel after selecting the gateway
Please guide me
Thanks Niall,

Got it Niall…
We have to mark the sequence flow(i.e the flow lines) and not gateway.
Works for me!
One more question
My process app name is Process_1
how do i change to my desired name?

You need to select the Canvas and then change the value in the Id field.

That’s the key for your process.

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Now I’ve got this

What to do?

Looks like your expression is incorrect.
It needs to return a boolean in order to work out which way to go in run time.

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Can I drop you an email or something regarding my project?
I really need your help sir.
Please let me know how to contact you.

You can send me your BPMN model here and i can suggest some changes if you like.

So this is my model
Just a sample though.
I just want to see if I could run this for a demo to my manager.
I know we have to do a lot of implementation for real time.
But just wanted to check a prototype build.
So what changes should I make to see this run on Server.
Please help

Can you upload the bpmn file itself.

Flow1.bpmn (12.8 KB)

I think a lot of your questions could be answered by going through the Getting Started Guide.

But here are some things that might be useful that you need to know:

  1. You need to select task types - currently they’re undefined and so don’t do anything
  2. the sequence flows need expressions, not just strings so instead of yes it could be hard coded as #{true} or you could use a variable like #{TicketApproved} Provided you’ve created the variable in some way.
  3. the timer also needs to be properly implemented. Otherwise the engine won’t know what to do.

I’ve made those changes to the model and it should pretty much run now. But i suggest you go through the tutorial in order to get an idea as to what i actually did so that you’re able to reproduce it.

Flow1.bpmn (13.5 KB)

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Thanks a ton Niall!
You really made it easy.
But I have few questions

  1. In the timer there is PT30S … is that 30 seconds?
    2.After deploying the app of Server. I opened and CockPit and could see the process. Then opened Toolkit and Started process
    It asked me if ticket is approved? I gave an input and clicked submit.
    It say process started.
    The cockpit shows instance of the process started.
    But my question is isn’t any task assigned to “demo”?
    Can you please tell me the process ?
    Thanks Niall,

Got it Niall… Thanks a lot!
You made my day!