Deployment using repository service

I am using CAMUNDA JBOSS 7.7.0 server. and after creating a bpmn file I am deploying it as a standalone application using “Deployment deployment = repositoryService.createDeployment().addModelInstance(bpmnName+”-updated.bpmn", bpmnModel).name(bpmnName).deploy()".

Now the bpmn file is being deployed successfully and I am able to view it on Cockpit as well as tasklist.

I have used a service task in that bpmn file which refers to a Java Class. As,the deployment does not include any Java Classes.Hence, on instantiating the process I am getting a Class Not Found Exception.

This issue was solved in Tomcat by creating a JAR, containing that class, and putting it in the library of tomcat,So that while instantiating the process engine was able to get a hold of that class in the library.

I want a similar type of solution in JBOSS. Please help.


On Jboss you can create a JBoss module that contains your JAR and then create a module dependency from the camunda engine module to your custom module.


Hi Thorben,
Thanks for the quick update
I have created the JBOSS module that contains my JAR.
Can you please specify the steps to “create a module dependency from the camunda engine module to your custom module.”.

Hi @Bikash1993,

The camunda engine module is located in ${JBOSS_HOME}/modules/org/camunda/bpm/camunda-engine/main. Add a module dependency by editing the file module.xml and adding a new child element to the dependencies element. The name of the dependency must match the name of your custom module. See for a reference on the JBoss modules concept.


Hi @thorben

Thanks a lot for the help…Very much appreciate it… :slight_smile: