Deployment with Outsystems (Or other low code platform)

Hello Guys,
If I were to create an outsystems or any other low code front end application, what would be the ideal way to deploy a Camunda process and interact with it inside that same application? (Camunda Platform 8).

Hi Duarte,
welcome to the Camunda forum.
Camunda 8 is composed by several components that expose different apis.
If you want to deploy a process, you’ll need to use Zeebe api. There are several zeebe clients available but there’s not an out of the box rest api for deploying processes.

If you want to “interact” with a process you’ll need Operate apis. These are Rest-apis so they can be easily be consumed by your low-code front end application.
In any case the authentication is required so it’s generally recommended to use a backend in addition to your low-code front-end app.
Hope it helps


Thanks for the enlightenment! I will be trying to implement it thanks.

@Duarte_Cardoso - There is another initiative that @korthout started - Camunda Platform REST API that probably you could benefit from. Please have a look.

I will take a look, it seems really handy thanks a lot!