Deprecation of WebLogic 12c


We currently migrated to the latest 7.x version of the Camunda platform.
We noticed that the support for oracle WebLogic 12c was removed from Camunda 7.18 and therefore we could only migrate to 7.17.

Knowing that the WebLogic 12.c support ends in 2027 (as per Oracle documentation) was there any reasoning to remove this support earlier from Camunda side?

Also what is your recommendation regarding the way to address the security vulnerabilities in Camunda (there are already some in 7.17) if upgrading weblogic to 14c is not an option?


Hello @ruicarva,

can you please open a support issue Camunda Enterprise Support Guide | for this request?

Thanks, Tobias (Product Management)

Seems that only users with enterprise access can create the support issues.
Is there any way I can have a clarification without being an enterprise user?


Hi @ruicarva,

as the WebLogic distribution is only available for enterprise customers, there must be persons in your company which have access to our JIRA system.

I will send you further instructions in a private message.

Hope this helps, Ingo