Design workflow based on inputs

Can we create a work flow based on inputs.

Example :

Work flow 1: User submits data and the work flow ends.
Work flow 2 : User submits data and it goes to the next level for approval.
Work flow 3 : User submits data and there are are 3 levels of approval.

All these workflows I need to create without having to design the bpmn diagram.

what’s the reason that you do not want to use the same workflow for all cases?
You could cover all three cases with one process definiton.

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Hi Felix,

Thanks for the response.

My question is : Is there any other way to create a work flow in camunda without having to design the bpmn diagram ?

Example like tallyfy

Creating a work flow here is much more easier and user friendly. It can be done with out having much technical experience.

Can this be done in Camunda as well?

@deepti you can create workflow using camunda fluent API(process builder) programmatically without designing the bpmn model from modeler. You can refer this docs for your reference.

Thank you very much Aravindh !!!

Hi Aravindh ,

Is the Fluent Builder API available as part of the rest API?

Rest API not available for fluent builder.

For creating and deploying the bpmn using fluent builder logic you can implement in configuration class.

So when the application starts up, it will create and deploy the model for you.

Do you have any examples that I can refer to ?

@deepti, you can refer these examples,

Thank you Aravindh

can this be done c#?

@deepti Fluent Builder is Java API. You can implement the model only through java code, because camunda is written on Java.

@deepti i will give you some suggestions for designing bpmn using camunda modeller over Java Fluent API.

  • Using camunda modeller to design bpmn model avoids boilerplate code, so you can concentrate on implementing business logic & application integration.

  • No down time required for changes in bpmn model when the changes are done through camunda modeller and the same can be deployed through rest api. Incase of using fluent builder to design bpmn, every changes required application restart thus resulting in downtime.

  • If you have bpmn file modelled using camunda modeller, then you can easily colloborate with different stakeholders or across different organizational units.

Again its upto you to decide based on your requirements.

Thanks Aravindh. Will take this up with my colleagues.