DesktopModeler and WebModeler Sync Connector

Hi Camunda Team,

For integrating the Camunda Desktop Modeler with Cawemo you used to offer a Modeler plugin that could be installed individually. This plugin did the following: sync all BPMN files that were once exported from Cawemo back into a special project inside Cawemo for the configured user.
The technical name of this plugin is/was cloud connect. Camunda Modeler |

Would you plan to create something similar for Camunda cloud web modeler, so to sync models between the desktop version of the modeler and the web modeler ?

I checked the public product roadpmap (Camunda Public Roadmap · GitHub) but did not see anything.


Hi @g.manzano - this is a great question! Let me take this feedback to the Modeler team and find out!

@g.manzano - I just heard back from the team. It is not currently roadmap; instead, they are targeting a version control integration for the 8.6 release that will sync projects in Web Modeler.

@nathan.loding Where can I endorse the Version Control Integration request?

I work mostly in modeling, but use a lot of git, so being able to have all my contributing authors use git repo would be amazing!

@GotnOGuts - we don’t have a public ticket for this feature yet, as it’s still being scoped, but I’ll send your comment along to the product team right now!

Thanks a lot @nathan.loding for the prompt response.

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