Details on DMN Processing

Good afternoon
Tell me, are there any size restrictions for DMN tables? Does the size of DMN tables affect performance?
Is it possible to get the selected solution row in a table via API?

Hello @ntdim1973,

There are no strict limits on the size of DMN tables. Yet, the size will affect the performance and it will affect the comprehensibility. As a rule of thumb, I recommend sticking to less than 10 columns and to a few rules – mostly for reasons of readability and comprehensibility.

Using the API for historic decision instances, you can get the ID of the rule that has been selected.
You can use this to find the corresponding row in the decision table:

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Great, this helped me a lot!
Please tell me, can I get the same thing using the Java API?

@StephanHaarmann Hello!
Please tell me, can I get the decision row ID from DmnDecisionTableResult?
If not, how can this be done using Java API?

Hi @ntdim1973,

You can do the same using the history service:

I don’t think it’s possible via DmnDecisionTableResult

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