Detected multiple classes annotated with @ProcessApplication

Hello, I am trying to use the Process Engine using Java. I compile (mvn install) my project and get the target testbpm.war file. I put that file in standalone deployments at my camunda wildfly 10 server, however, I get testbpm.war.failed file saying:

PARSE: WFLYSRV0153: Failed to process phase PARSE of deployment \"testbpm.war\"
Caused by: Detected multiple classes annotated with @ProcessApplication. A deployment must only provide a single @ProcessApplication class.

I however have only one class that is CamundaBpmProcessApplication that uses annotation @ProcessApplication.

Here’s the project source code krlicmuhamed/testbpm (

Removing Annotations @ProcessApplication and @PostDeploy Fixed the issue, but why did I have to remove annotations?

Hi @Muhamed,

I assume that you have the dependency to camunda-ejb-client in your pom file.

This library includes the DefaultEjbProcessApplication class annotated with process application: camunda-bpm-platform/ at master · camunda/camunda-bpm-platform · GitHub

You can extend this implementation with your desired behavior.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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