Develop Camunda webapps with Spring boot

Is there any way to developing custom Webapps and running it with spring boot independent from engine?

Recently I visited all examples for spring boot starter but I didn’t find any useful.
In the examples, there is no example that developing Webapps independent of engine. It is just about deploying bpmn files or running webapps with dependencies.

And one more question.
What is the best way to developing just camunda webapps without any develop on engine, rest and so on? (download source of project and using npm install & grunt auto-build & mvn jetty:run -Pdevelop Or is there any way to do with Spring boot.)

Why do you need to do this exactly?

Hi @Niall

I didn’t understand the main usage of Spring boot for developing.
Is it just for BPMN deployment or we can using Spring boot for developing?

Spring boot is a generic framework usually used for building self contained services or web apps. Developers using Camunda tend to use with spring boot because it gives a lot of features that would otherwise need to be built.

It’s not a requirement to use it, but it’s quite handy.

@Niall Thank you for answering.

But unfortunately I didn’t get the answer yet. so I describing more.

Now, for developing Webapps, I got the Webapps source code from github. I used npm install & grunt auto-build & mvn jetty... to build and run backend and UI.

I want to know that is there any other way to build and run Webapps? (for example with Spring boot)