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I’m encountering some difficulties with how Camunda stores and retrieves diagrams from the database. I recently configured a database for my Camunda container to ensure data persistence, moving away from using the default H2 in-memory database. I’m utilizing the MariaDB driver (org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver).

As evidenced in the attached image, there’s a PNG file stored in the database.

However, when I make the following REST API call: {{URL}}/process-definition?deploymentId= , the response indicates that the diagram is null :

“deploymentId”: “65bf1470-b91f-11ee-9cbd-0242ac110002”,
“diagram”: null,

Is there additional configuration required on my engine to retrieve the diagram via the REST API?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

With the H2 database, the diagram image can be named freely without issues. However, with MariaDB, the BPMN model and its diagram image must have the same name for successful retrieval via the REST API. At least with my configuration.
mariaDB => 10.6.12
camunda => 7.20
driver => mariadb-java-client-3.3.2.jar

Hope this helps anyone facing similar issues!

Hi @JorgeHermoTorrado,

How do you deploy the resources? Via REST API or other option?
(Could you send us an example of the deployment request?)

I doubt that’s the reason but just mention, in the past, we have detected issues with jdbc driver >= 2.1.0, not explicitly the issue that you describe though. We test MariaDB with jdbc driver 1.7.6.


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Sorry for the late response @Yana

Thank you for your suggestion. I have tried using the jdbc driver version 1.7.6 with MariaDB as you recommended, and I’m happy to report that it is working well in my setup. This seems to have resolved the issues I was facing.

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