Difference between camunda-engine-rest-core and camunda-engine-rest:classes

browsing through the poms, I find both usages, but the content looks identical.
Does it matter if I include camunda-engine-rest-core or use the classes classifier on the camunda-engine-rest?

If its the same, the -core dependency should be added to the bom …

Hi Jan,

It is just naming. camunda-engine-rest:classes is the older artifact which we keep for backwards compatibility.

I’m not sure about the BOM part. The camunda-engine-rest-core artifact is currently not documented as something to be embedded (e.g. the REST API docs still mention the “old” artifact: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.5/reference/rest/overview/embeddability/#required-steps). In the current state, we have the flexibility to change/remove that artifact in the future. Having it in the BOM or even documenting it on docs.camunda.org would remove that possibility. In addition, I don’t see the benefit of having two equivalent artifacts in the BOM.


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I am often embedding camunda features in apps (with or without spring boot) and thus use the rest-classes. I would love to use the -core module because its much more intuitive to use (no classifier) so if you build this anyway, make it official … please