Different Artifact with same version in Mavn central <> camunda Nexus

Hi all,

I got a problem with the newest camunda-webapp-webjar-7.6.0-alpha2.

Just added the above dependency to my project to integrate the webapps (admin, tasklist, etc.) to my application. This jar is available on Maven-Central and on the camunda nexus server, BUT both artifacts are different (in the same groupID and version).

As you can see in the following links, the .jar-file on Maven Central includes only META-INF with manifest in it, but the version on the nexus-server is much bigger and includes all the frontend stuff for the app, plugin and so on.



I’m working in a company network behind an mirror and we are using artifactory with a lot of external repositories. Maven Central has the highest prio, so I get an broken artifact in my project and see no chance to change this.

Am I missing something? Is this an error? If not, what is the reason for this different artifacts with same version and groupId. I think this leads to an unusable configuration with both external repositories activated.

Looking forward to your answer.

Greetings Thomas :slight_smile:

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Hi Thomas,

thanks for pointing this out. I’m not sure why this happend but I created a Bug Ticket for it CAM-6523. Currently you have to use the artifacts from the Camunda nexus.


Hi Sebastian,

thanks for your reply. After a bit of research I found a way to exclude the artifacts from being downloaded/cached from Maven-Central.

An Exclude-Pattern in the repository-configuration for maven-central in our artifactory-server does the trick;
Exclude Pattern: org/camunda/**

Now I’ve seen, that this error also appears in the JCenter-Repository - the jar’s are also broken:

After exluding org/camunda/** also from our JCenter-Configuration, it seems to work :slight_smile:

Now all developers must clean the local maven-cache for the groupID “org/camunda” and the problem is fixed.


Hi Thomas,

thanks for sharing these workarounds until we fix this issue.