Different history level for two processes


We have spring driven application with Camunda with two processes.
The first one is a main application process diagram which has FULL history level (by default).
The second one is a simple scheduler which has FULL history level (by default) as well.
I know that we can set history level for process engine. But, in this case it will run both processes with the same history level that was set.
Can we turn off the history level for only one process (for the second one)?


You can add a history time to live on a specific process - then it would simply delete the data after x number of days.

Check out more here: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/latest/user-guide/process-engine/history/#history-time-to-live

Thanks Niall. Yes, but we don’t need to save it at all.
By the way, what if I set it to 0?

Hi @Yuriy_Mezentsev.
Probably you don’t need the answer anymore, but maybe it will be useful for other people who take a look at this question. You can set time to live to 0, if you do so then your history for this process definition will be deleted when it is finished. But keep in mind that it won’t be deleted immediately by itself, it will be deleted by the next call of history clean up.