Differentiate input parameters and other process variables


I have an external task in my model with few input parameters. Also there can be other process variables during process execution when token reaches my external task.
So now I fetch and lock that external task (with external task client), and I want to get process variables and also (separately) I want to get input parameters of the external task.

As I can see my input parameters are in the variables map of my ExternalTask object, along with other process variables.
Is there a way for me to differentiate between task input variables and other process variables?

Hi @jovankricka,

in the external task worker, you can’t distinguish between process variables and input variables. Both are variables of this scope. You could query the variables explicit with a second REST call. Or, an easy way, is to give the input variables a prefix (e.g. i_myInputVar).

Best regards,

Hello @Philipp_Ossler

Thanks for the quick reply!
My other option was also a prefix.
I am not really sure that I understand how to achieve this by querying variables explicitly, since, as I saw, process variable response does not contain any information on whether variable came from input parameters or just regular process variables.
Can you elaborate more on that option?


Hi @jovankricka,

I think @Philipp_Ossler means that if you query the process variables with a REST call (/process-instance/{id}/variables), you won’t get the input variables of the current external task, because they are local.

Best, Ragnar

Thanks for clarification @Ragnar

I also have one more question related to external task variables.
When I complete my external task by POST to /external-task/{id}/complete, in the body I provide variables.
What is the scope of these variables?
Are they visible inside the whole process instance once the external task is completed?

Nevermind, read in the documentation that these are local variables for a task.