Disable auto sorting of output variables in Camunda Modeler 5.0

We can make dependent output variables like this:

   <camunda:outputParameter name="parent">${1+1}</camunda:outputParameter>
   <camunda:outputParameter name="aChild">${parent*2}</camunda:outputParameter>
   <camunda:outputParameter name="zChild">${parent*3}</camunda:outputParameter>

Camunda Modeler v.4.12 show the real order of output variables:
But Camunda Modeler v.5.0 use alphabetical sorting for them:
Auto sorting is confusing in this case. Can I turn it off somehow (may be in Dev Tools)?
Manual reordering (buttons for move output variables Up and Down) would be more suitable.

Hi there, and thank you for the feedback!

We’ll track this as a discussion here. The sorting was a conscious choice but depending on further input we may either implement some configuration for this, go back on this choice, or keep this for the time being. Of course you’re welcome to have your input there as well.

All the best,