Disable Job Executor on a Single Camunda Instance in a Cluster

I’m running Camunda 7.6.2 in WildFly 10.1 with a shared engine (standard distribution). Is there a way to tell the process engine not to acquire jobs? In other words, I want it to fire up along with the Web GUI, but not actually attempt to acquire jobs. Other instances in the cluster should continue to process jobs.

I need to do this to safely debug an issue and I don’t want the process engine to try and execute jobs, even though it can technically see them.



From the reference guide…

jobExecutorActivate Boolean Controls whether the process engine starts with an active job executor or not. For a shared process engine configuration, the default value is true. For an embedded process engine configuration, the default value is false. See the user guide for more details on this setting.
Values: true, false (Boolean).

Hence perhaps if you set this to false in the engine config of the node you want to isolate…( Ive not used this myself, so no guarantee)



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Hi guys,

Rob’s answer is correct. In addition, the standalone webapp artifact sounds like a good solution to your use case. It is a self-contained artifact of the Camunda webapps that you could deploy to a vanilla Wildfly, job executor disabled by default.