Disable login for development

During development of processes and forms we have short round-trips, where we start the application multiple times per hour to check if our implementation works out …
I always have to login to the webapp to do so. I know: I could let my browser auto-fill the form for me, but I have so many different applications and different projects that start on “localhost:8080” that this also gets annoying.

What I would like to do is start the webapp in a “dev” mode, where a login with a predefined admin user is done automatically.

Any thoughts how to achieve this? Platform would be camunda-spring-boot, but I guess its applicable for all containers.


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Hi Jan,

I think the cleanest solution would be to somehow preserve the session between application starts. The session id is stored in a Cookie on the browser and send on every request. Only when the server responds that the session does not exist, the user is redirected to the login screen. But I don’t know how difficult that would be to implement in the backend.

If the session cannot be preserved, than you would need to automate the login. I think that should be possible using custom scripts as those are evaluated when the page is loaded in the browser.


Hi Jan,
maybe you can have a look into this project:

Maybe in a modified way this could help you.


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This looks great. I would not want to automatically give admin rights to any user, I already got code to create an admin user on engine startup … but I will adopt the setting of UserAuthorization. I guess this will become a feature of the spring boot starter.