Disable stdout in JavaDelegate and other

Hi! I need to reduce/disable logging, e.g stdout performing a JavaDelegate:

INFO [stdout] (default task-33) taskListener

I’ve already read the Logging guide but I’m unable to solve…

Do I have to both exclude the logging subsystem (Wildfly10 environment )and adding a logback.xml file?
What logging category is for this king of output?

Thanks a lot! best regards

From my limited experience with this (and it is very limited), you must provide a customized logging configuration if you want any form of granular control over logging. I wish I could give you specific examples, but I don’t actually know how to do this. What I do know is that in various configurations within my company where Camunda is used, any instance where logging was anything more than all on or all off (with the exception of setting a general “level”) was done with custom logback.xml configurations.

thanks for reply @mppfor_manu
What are you using as application server?
Can you post your logback.xml?


We have used two application servers, WildFly and an internally developed container based upon Jetty.

I think our developers are configuring loggers with much finer grained filters, but I don’t know how they’re doing it.

Control of the general logging level of Camunda within WildFly is really easy. You can change the level on-the-fly inside the WildFly admin GUI. As far as custom logging is concerned, my inexperience is such that I cannot offer any concrete advice. Personally, I would just have to troll through any examples provided as well has a general understanding of the logging facility configuration.

Sorry I can’t provide more guidance.