Disabling elasticSearch exporter in zeebe


Is there a way to disable the elastic search exporter in zeebe.
trying the least setup of zeebe possible but dont see. a way to keep the exporter inactive

Hi @aasthana4

How are you starting Zeebe?

Exporters are loaded via the configuration yaml. Have a look at the configuration example here: zeebe/broker.standalone.yaml.template at main · camunda/zeebe · GitHub.

Simply comment out the exporter config in the configuration being used when you start the broker.


@aasthana4 @jwulf - I have a question. If we disable the ES exporter while starting Zeebe is it possible that we will have the data to use Operate or Tasklist? I assume the data are read from the indices in ES. If we do not configure the Zeebe to export the data will we still be able to use these components?